Say hello to the leadership team at NEWSONG Community

Meet our Leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at NEWSONG Community. Got questions for the lead team at NEWSONG? Contact us by clicking here.

Scott Wright - Lead Pastor

Scott Wright has been at NEWSONG Community since 2015. Scott is married to his wife of 29 years, Marcie.

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"We are all in this together!" - Pastor Scott

Garrett Warren - Student Pastor

Garrett Warren joined the NEWSONG leadership team in 2017 as the pastor of student ministry. Garrett is married to Nicole and he enjoys to venture into the realm of The Lord of The Rings. Garrett loves the Lord and strives to share The Gospel to all he meets.

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"Sometimes, I like to use a spork to eat soup to gain perspective."-Garrett

Kirk Schiefelbein - Worship Leader

Kirk Schiefelbein is the NEWSONG Worship Leader. He is passionate about prayer and you can find him during the week sharing his passion for Christ with those who come to get their hair fixed at his salon.

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Marcie Wright - Office Administrator

Marcie Wright started at NEWSONG in 2016. She has served as NEWSONG's office administrator. Marcie is married to her husband, Scott.

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"Jesus cares about you more than you could ever know." - Marcie

Mary Wusterbarth - Financial Secretary

Mary Wusterbarth began working at NEWSONG in 2017. Mary serves as the Financial Secretary at NEWSONG. Mary is married to her husband, Danny. Mary loves her kids and her friends.

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