International Missions

Take a look at some past and future NewSong International Missions


We partner with Living Water International which is an organization that sends teams to various countries in need of clean water. There the teams will not only dig wells to provide physical water, but share the gospel of Jesus Christ so they can also experience "living water" Himself, which in itself will satisfy a thirst that H2O never can.

NewSong has sent and/or are sending teams to:

  • Honduras
  • Guatamala
  • Haiti


Team Leader: Jody Falcon

Email: [email protected]

NEWSONG has a team going to Haiti this December 1st-7th. Through our "Coins 2 Water" campaign during 2018 Advent Conspiracy, NEWSONG raised the total cost to dig one well: $10,000. We are so thankful for the Lord's provision! He is amazing!

If you would like to participate on our 12-member mission team this year, the cost per team member is $2,300.

Team member deposits for the mission team are due August 11th. These deposits can be brought by the church office. The total deposit per mission team member is $1,300. The remaining balance is due October 13th.

We may have partial mission scholarships available for the Haiti trip. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, applications are available in the church office. All scholarship applications are due August 1st. (The scholarship applications will be sent to the Missions/Outreach Team for approval.)

There is a separate fee for a background check paid to Living Water ($31).

Due Dates:

August 1, 2019: Scholarship Applications Due

August 11, 2019: Deposits Due

October 13, 2019: Remaining Balances Due


NewSong has a sister church relationship with Nueva Cancion Iglesia Metodista in Romelie, Guantanamo, Cuba. We support this church through various means; monetary donations, specific item collections, and visiting them throughout the year.