New Members Class

Understanding NewSong and where we're headed

What is it?

We offer 2 New Member Class sessions throughout the year. Our next session offering will be in October. (Please scroll down for the dates.)Each session will be broken down into three class gatherings: 101, 102, and 103 - 3 consecutive Sundays - all offered during the 10:30 Worship Experience time.

We encourage everyone to worship at the 9 a.m. worship hour and participate in the New Member Class during the 10:30 hour. Since we have childcare available on Sundays, we encourage you to be blessed by this availability.

Who is it for?

These classes are for not just for those wanting to become a member of the NewSong community. If you are already a member of NewSong, but just want a refresher course on the beliefs and expectations of the NewSong community, you are invited.

When is it?

New Member classes will be offered during the second worship experience from 10:30-11:30.

New sessions coming soon! Please continue to check back!

Where is it?

We will meet each week in the lead pastor's office. Scott's office is located downstairs, at the end of the hallway to your left as you enter the back glass doors.

Why should I attend?

During the 3 classes, we will cover topics from understanding a relationship with Jesus to expectations of a member at NewSong.

An example of topics are:

1. Getting to Know One Another

This will be a time to not only get to know the other members of your class, but most importantly, to introduce yourself and let us get to know you a little too.

2. Who’s Who

From NewSong Ministry Staff to Congregation Leadership, we want you to know who’s who here at NewSong.

3. Church History

A church history is often a fascinating story to tell and NewSong is no exception. From the first service until now, we will take a closer look at how we have gotten to where we are today.

4. Mission, Vision and Values

We will try to help you understand why NewSong exists (mission), what we are trying to accomplish (vision) and the values or principles that guide our behaviors and decision making process.

This reiteration provides an opportunity for class participants to understand what the church is trying to achieve and further understand church priorities.

5. Statement of Faith

We will discuss NewSong’s core beliefs and corresponding scripture that supports our faith.

6. What the Church Expects From Members

This discussion is intended to help you understand the concepts of spiritual development, giving, serving and participation in NewSong events and programs.

7. What Members Can Expect From The Church

We will take time to explain how NewSong can support members and how to access that support. We will also discuss how NewSong shares information with its members and further discuss our communication process to make sure you can stay in the know.

8. FAQ

We will try to answer frequently asked questions, but allow space for everyone to ask anything we may have missed.

9. Volunteer Opportunities

We will spend time explaining the different volunteer roles and have an opportunity for you to sign up and discuss your gifts and interests to help you discover what role my be best for you.

and much more…


*each member should sign up individually

(e.g. if you're married, you and your spouse will each fill out a separate form)