Engage Groups

Small groups of people gathering in homes to share life and scripture with one another!

Engage Group Leaders:

ENGAGE GROUPS are currently on Summer Break.

Our groups will kick off the week of September 22nd. Please check back and not only see our new leaders but new days and times. Can't wait to meet you!

Jody & Lindsey Falcon

Day & Time: Sundays 4-5:30pm

Location: 40164 Cotton Field Ave. Gonzales, LA

Local Mission Outreach: TBD

Contact Information: Jody Falcon: 225-806-1248

  Lindsey Falcon: 225-290-3058

*child-care provided

What we’re about: I’m excited about what God is doing in my life right now. I would have never imagined myself leading an Engage Group, but after being a part of two great groups over the last two years, I can’t imagine it any other way. We have developed wonderful relationships with a lot of people, while deepening our faith in God. I want others to know God’s love like we do. Please consider joining my family in our new Engage Group.

Keith & Ashley Fogle

Day & Time: Sundays from 5:30-7:00 pm

Location: 35245 Beverly Hills Dr. Prairieville

Local Mission Outreach: Open Air Ministries

Contact Information: Keith Fogle: 225-993-1057

  Ashley Fogle: 225-993-3148

*child-care provided at NEWSONG

What we’re about: We gather over dessert or sometimes a meal, in a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. We spend time learning about one another, living life together, and trying to learn how to be and make disciples of Christ. We are seeking individuals, couples, and families who want to grow in Christ alongside us. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll feel led to host an engage group yourself!!

Dave & Janet Kobe

Day & Time: Saturdays from 9-10:30am

Location: 13116 Mill Grove Dr. Gonzales, LA

Local Mission Outreach: partners with another Engage Group to serve the Methodist Children’s Home

Contact Information: Janet: 985-285-5611

Email: [email protected]

What we’re about: We are a group focused on prayer for each other, our church and community. We enjoy fellowship and caring for each other. You are welcome to bring your children!!

Chris & Renee Toepfer & Joy Baudier

Joy Baudier
Chris Toepfer

Day & Time: Wednesdays 6:30 to 8pm

Location: 15073 Hunter Creek Court Prairieville, LA

Local Mission Outreach: food pantry items at Carpenter's Chapel

Contact Information: Chris: 225-287-2493

Joy: 225-290-2989

What we’re about: Our group is a place to gather and feel like “home” while building our identity in Christ together by serving to build His Kingdom. We have a potluck meal together while we discuss Sunday’s message and how God is working in our lives.

Garrett & Nicole Warren

Day & Time: Wednesdays from 6:30-8 pm

Location: 40189 Todd Drive, Prairieville La 70769

Local Mission Outreach: TBD

Contact Information: Nicole: 504-258-2555

Garrett: 318-245-0113

What we’re about: Our goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We want to offer a space where we can step into each other's’ lives and minister to one another. No matter who you are or where you come from, we desire to have you and walk this life with you!

Scott & Marcie Wright

Day & Time: Thursdays from 6:30-8 pm

Location: 41204 Toledo Ave., Gonzales, LA 70737

Local Mission Outreach: Methodist Children’s Home for Boys

in Mandeville

Contact Information: Marcie: 318-436-1939

email: [email protected]

Scott: 318-548-2338

What we’re about: We want to unpack Sunday’s message more around FOOD, LAUGHTER, GREAT CONVERSATION!

Danny & Mary Wusterbarth

Day & Time: Sundays from 5:30-7:00 pm

Location: 18061 Pine Ridge Drive, Prairieville, LA

Local Mission Outreach: Open Air Ministries

Contact Information: Mary Wusterbarth: 919-986-2005

*child-care provided at NEWSONG

What we’re about: casual sermon discussion group where we strive to engage with one another, God and the world around us! Come share a meal with us and learn what it means to be part of our ENGAGE family!